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THE ALPS TOUR "reloaded" - August 10th - 18th, 2019
guiding by Simon Roppel
Price (per person) 3000 Euro

Maximum number of Clients - 6

Spoken languages on this tour: English / German

The long awaited 2019th version of my unique Alps photography tour

Did you always want to hike next to the most unique Mountains of the Alps surrounded by impressively good-looking glaciers?

Capture a sunset at the Aletsch Glacier, the biggest one of the alps.
See the Matterhorn while you're standing right on a Glacier.
Being overwhelmed from the beauty of the Peaks which surround the Mont Blanc.

So come and "get high" with Simon Roppel on my 2019 version of this trip to the French and Swiss Alps :-)

Beside the well-located mountain huts, we'll also camp for about 2 nights. This makes sure we are always very close to our spots to give you THE SHOT you want. No worries, if you don't want to bring your own camping gear, I can provide you with all the necessary stuff.*

*This tour also includes 2 days of hiking on glacier terrain. We will be supported all the time by a licensed Mountain guide. You don't need to have any technical knowledge in mountaineering for these hikes.*

*You're a hiking enthusiast/nature lover but not that much into photography? No worries, the nice hikes and the beautiful vistas will be enough to make even non-photographers more than happy enough.*

*Please be aware, that weather is something we cannot change! we are in a mountain area and safety is always my highest priority!

Max. Clients per Tour: 6  (A number of 4 clients is needed to run the tour)

Guidance: Simon Roppel and assistant

Difficulty level in physical fitness: easy-moderate
(hiking on well-maintained mountain terrain is required)
If you're used to hiking in the mountains, you'll be totally fine
Price: 3000 Euro - Deposit to reserve your spot: 500 Euro
(nonrefundable if you cancel)
Meeting and drop of point: Geneva Airport
Dates - August 10th. - 18th. 2019 (9 days & 8 night)


-Accommodation in Mountain guesthouses incl. served dinner
(Some of the Refuges are only with dormitories (4 Persons+)
-Up to 2 nights, camping in the field (depends on weather)
-Camping gear (if needed)
-Guidance and tuition by Simon Roppel
-Personal processing lessons during the trip
-Licenced Mountain Guide for Glacier hiking tracks
-All car transportation from Pick up until Drop off
-Cable car transportation

Not Included

-All required transportation until pre-communicated meeting point
-All beverages, breakfast, lunch and personal expenses
-Any personal insurances, taxes, visa fees, etc.


Day 1

We will meet each other at the Geneva Airport and drive about one hour to our first location at the French Alps. Surrounded by one of the most unique Mountain ranges of the world, you'll instantly know why our Phototour starts here.

After saying hello, there will be enough time to have lunch and make ourselves ready for the first easy hike.

The spot we'll hike to is just to good for wasting time in a lodge or hotel nearby. so, why not just camp there :-)? That's what we'll do. I can provide you with all the necessary gear you need. But you can surely also bring your own stuff.

*approximate hiking duration on this day is 60 min's*
*difficulty in physical fitness: easy*

Day 2

Those who would like to capture sunrise can join me on an early photography session around 4 am ;)

Hopefully filled with new energy we hike back to the cable car station and then to our next location, where we also shoot the sunset at. The views we will see during this hike are some of the nicest you can imagine.
Our "Hotel" is quite near to this place and offers a high standard for an area like this.

*approximate hiking duration on this day is 2-4 hours - on well-maintained mountain terrain*
*there is the possibility to take a transport from the village to our hotel instead of hiking (not included)*
*difficulty in physical fitness: easy-moderate*

what's left

Day 3

After shooting Sunrise and having breakfast we need to hike for about 2 hours until we reach our mountain guesthouse. If weather permits: After having some lunch we grab a cable car which will bring us to nearly 3850 m a.s.l

The views from the vistas are pretty impressive, even during daytime!
We will have plenty of time on this location. So nobody will be in a rush.

After that, we get back to our guesthouse. We'll also shoot sunset near this location...
Anyway, if someone of the group feels tired, he can just relax.

*approximate hiking duration on this day is 90-120 min's*

*difficulty in physical fitness: easy-moderate*


Day 4

After a hopefully great Sunrise experience and breakfast we'll hike back to the Cable Car and go  down to the village.

Today we'll leave the French part of the alps and enter Switzerland, my Homecountry.
We'll drive for about 2 hours to our next location. Zermatt, the home of the Matterhorn, one of the most unique mountains of our planet.

If weather permits we'll sleep on a high elevation mountain hut. Which will offer unique views of the matterhorn and the surrounding peaks.

Today we'll don't have to hike much to save some energy for the following 2 days.

Day 5

In the early morning, we'll meet our mountain guide who will join us for the next 2 days. This is due to safety reasons as we'll be hiking on glacier terrain.

We'll sleep in one of the most modern mountain huts of the world. Terrific views over the glacier and the Matterhorn is what you can expect.

*approximate hiking duration on this day is 4.5 hours*

*difficulty in physical fitness: moderate (no technical knowledge in mountaineering needed) (steep terrain, we also have to go down a vertical ladder, cross minor crevasses. If necessary, the mountain guide can secure you on this part) If you're uncertain about your ability in joining this hike you can contact me and I'm happy to help!


Day 6

It's going to be a very early breakfast as we have to hike all the way back to Zermatt. This will take around 4h. Back in the village we'll have lunch and travel around 2h to our next location, close to the Aletsch Glacier.

Time to recover after two long days and get back some energy for the following day.

*approximate hiking duration on this day is 4-5 hours*
*difficulty in physical fitness: moderate
(no technical knowledge in mountaineering needed)
(steep terrain, we walk on a glacier, cross minor crevasses, if necessary our mountain guide will secure us on certain areas.)
If you're uncertain about your ability in joining this hike you can contact me and I'm happy to help!

Day 7

We'll shoot sunrise at the Aletsch Glacier and hike to the next location.
The hut where we will stay at is perfectly situated for exploring this beautiful area.
If you're into astrophotography, this area is perfect for it.

*approximate hiking duration on this day is about 1-2 hours
*difficulty in physical fitness: easy


Day 8

Get up early to catch the first sunrays over the Aletsch Glacier. After that we'll enjoy breakfast and hike down for about one hour to get to the cable car.

Today we'll drive back to France. If weather permits, we'll enjoy our last evening in a billion stars hotel (camping :-P) and capture this beautiful area one last time.

*approximate hiking duration on this day is 3 hours
*difficulty in physical fitness: easy - moderate

Spirit of light

Day 9

After the sunrise shoot, we'll have to hike back to the cable car which will bring us down to the Village.
Fully packed with lots of new memories and hopefully great and unique picture we'll say goodbye to you. At around 10 a.m. you'll be driven back to Geneva airport, where our tour comes to an end. You will be back at the airport no later than noon.

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